Gel Nail Extension

Nail Extension

We use the nail form method technique to sculpture your gel extension. Read More…

We use the nail form method to sculpture your gel extension instead of glued-on plastic tips. Most salons choose to glue tips on natural nails and brush on gel overlay. This method is easier and more time-efficient, however, the biggest problem with tip application is fake tips usually have more curve than average natural nail beds. The tips are trying to pull your natural nails to match its curve but your nails do not want to go.
Have you ever seen anyone’s nails like this?

, this is an example of when the tip won the battle. The stress between the tip and natural nail is creating a slow, painful separation of the nail plate from the nail bed underneath. That is why people get sore fingers after extension enhancement and furthermore, the separate space provides a perfect warm and moist environment for bacteria/fungi to grow in and cause nail fungus and various nail infections.


On the other hand, nail form requires more technique and knowledge to be placed perfectly. It is slipped under the free edge of the natural nail and extends the free edge to the desired length. This method will not create stress on the natural nail bed. The enhancement molds itself to fit the natural nail shape and results in a safer, more comfortable and natural feeling enhancement. Some people might think tips are stronger than sculpted gel extension, but that is a myth. UV gel products are much stronger than the material used to make the tips, and by gluing the tips on, they are actually creating a stress point that can crack and break easier than the UV gel products would on its own.
By carefully applying the nail forms to fit your own natural nail shape and the extension sculpted to perfection, we will need more time to do so and we promise that we will make your gel extension safer and look absolutely stunning!