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  As an added bonus, all our services will include a complementary beverage!  This will include a coffee, tea or cold beverage of your choice.  We will also be adding a special drink from time to time! So drop by our nail salon and enjoy a manicure/pedicure or any service of choice and relax with a refreshing beverage!


  Please advise us if you have any medical condition (Diabetes, allergies, pregnant, disabled, nail infections, etc.) when you book your appointment in order for us to customize your treatments.  We will add this to your personal client profile for future references.


  Each nail salon table is equipped with a USB plug to charge any electronic device! We carry iPhone and Samsung cables to charge your device while you get your nails done. Now you can snap, post or tweet all you want without facing the dreaded "low battery" syndrome!


  Worried about your cell phone data usage limit? Don't fret, we offer free WIFI! To complement our services, free WIFI will be available throughout our nail salon. Please ask the front desk for the most current login details.


  In order to create the most unforgettable experience for our customers, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so you can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cold beverage while you pick out your favorite nail polish colour!



    Lash Extension

  • Classic Full Set

    New Set $108
    Fill $80

        Using classic individual lash extension technique, perfect for everyday wear. Gives the illusion with longer yet natural eyelashes. You can choose from sexy cat-eye look or innocent big round eye look. You Name it!

  • Hybrid Set

    New Set $128
    Fill $100

        Mixture of classic and volume technique to emphasize your natural look. Hybrid set is fluffier and can achieve the famous staggered look just like Kim K!

  • 2D Volume Set

    New Set $138
    Fill $110

        Carefully attach Two lash extensions onto one single natural lash. A perfect volume set requires a lot of technique and experience. Our lash technicians are able to master this technique and transform you to a dramatic yet soft look.

  • 3D Volume Set

    New Set $158
    Fill $120

        We use high quality, korean imported semi-synthetic eye lashes with 3D technique to finish the full set. Works perfect for who doesn't have full natural lashes, but want the fluffy look. If you like the silky and feathery look,this is the set to go!

  • Mega Volume Set

    New Set $188
    Fill $140

        This is our most extreme volume set. Perfect for the special event or to make a statement!

  • Extras

  • Lash Removal

  • Lash Spa

  •    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time for a thorough consultation.
  •    Complementary Lash Spa is included for every New Set.
  •    It is recommended to refill within a 3 week period. More than 3 weeks or a loss of over 50% of lash extensions will be charged at New Set price.
  •    Refill of Lash Extensions previously applied by another salon may require Lash Removal and application of New Set.


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Facial Treatment

  • Nelly De Vuyst Spa Facial


        Enjoy a relaxing and pamperingmoment with the Nelly De Vuyst experience. This treatment can be customized for sensitive, oily,dry, and combination skin type. Indulgeyourself inthis luxury organic facial with incrediblysoothing scent.

  • Vitamin C Organic Brightening Care


        Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Is your complexion uneven? Discover this unmatched treatment with naturally addresses hyperpigmentation. This organic treatment based on vitamin C targets melanocytes, cells responsible of cutaneous pigmentation, for an even glowing complexion. *Minimum of 7days between treatments. Recommended as a series of 3 to 6 treatments for severe pigmentation. Also recommended as maintenance once a month or at season change.

  • Keratolyse Vegetal Peel


        A remarkable deep exfoliant, made of vegetal extract for tissue regeneration. Gentle exfoliation for dramatic results. The skin is glowing and regenerated. Ideal to treat hyper keratinised skin, devitalised skin, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, superficial and deep wrinkles, comedone prone skin. *Minimum of 48 hours between treatments. Recommended as maintenance once a month or at season change.

  • Bul'Mask Oxygenating Treatment


        Unique to Nelly De Vuyst, Bul'Mask is an ultra-oxygenating care which facilitates epidermis exchanges and permeability. It increases the penetration of Nelly De Vuyst corrective actives to maximize their action for dramatic results.

  • Lifting Complex Facial


         Mature, loose and wrinkled skin looking for instant lifting effect.This lifting care offer 18% morefirmness in only 90 minutes. The synergy of Kigelia Africana associated with Quillaja Saponatia offers a true instant lifting while leaving the skin hydrated and supple. 1 Lifting Complex Facial will deliver results comparable to a micro-current facial.

  • Microdermabrasion Spa Facial


         Add Microdermabrsion to any of your favorite full facial treatment! Replace traditional exfoliation with our advanced wet/dry microdermabrasion technology, combined with its superior Diamond tip hand piece, allow us to perform the most progressive new service in skin care. This unique procedure removes dead and flaking skin and stimulates the production of young skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate non-invasive, non-surgical skin conditioning.

  • Derma-Calm Care


        Specially designed for sensitive skin. This treatment provides softness and comfort to skin prone to redness and irritation. The synergy of plant actives reduces inflammation and gives suppleness and serenity to reactive, hyper-sensitive skin or presenting symptoms of rosacea.

Special Care

  • Instant-Glow Mini Facial


         Do you have a special event? Enjoy this instant glow care. Your skin will be hydrated and will glow with health and freshness. Perfect care before a personalized make-up.

  • Facial Massage


         Help slow down the ageing process and get younger looking, healthy skin! Facial Massage not only helps with reduction of bags under your eyes, small discolouration of the skin and a better glow, it may also help relieve stress, migraine headache, PMS and sinus congestion.

  • Rejuvan-Eyes Care


         Anti-aging corrective eye contour treatment to control the visible signs of aging. This complete eye contour treatment includes serums made of marine elastin and collagen, creams and masks with DNA. Wrinkles are plumped, skin is firmer and glowing in less than 45 minutes.

  • Illumin-Eyes Bright Care


         Illuminating eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles and puffiness while preventing premature aging. In less than 45 minutes your look will be younger, rejuvenated and glowing.

  • Microdermabrasion Single Treatment


         Refresh your skin with this non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. Outer layers of skin cells are removed, stimulating collagen production and cellular renewal. Using complete line of Bio-Therapeutic skin care products combined with its own microdermabrasion device, this treatment includes a thorough skin analysis, deep cleanse, microdermabrasion treatment, and finished with hydrating masks, leaving skin feeling smooth, soft, and renewed. Microdermabrasion treatment is ideal for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Also is known for improving skin tone, and correcting skin damage. *If you are using products containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs), glycolic acid, Retin-A or vitamin C, please discontinue to use at least 48 hours prior to microdermabrasion.

  • Back Facial


        Hard to Reach, let us take care of your back. This soothing treatment includes a detoxifying enzyme peeling, a synergy of essential oils specifically according to your needs and divine massage. Cleans and removes all impurities leaving the skin renewed, satin smooth and healthy.


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  • Eyebrows

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Full face


        Includes eyebrow

  • Underarms

  • Full arms

  • Half arms

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Bikini line

  • French bikini

  • Brazilian

  • Stomach

  • Full legs

  • Upper legs

  • Lower legs



  • Eyebrow Tinting

  • Eyelash Tinting

  • Brow + Lash

  • Brow Wax + Tint



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Manicure & Pedicure

  • Soho Elegant Mani


        Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Massage, Polish

  • Soho Elegant Pedi


        Foot soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Exfoliation, Callus removal, Massage, Polish

  • Soho Elegant Combo


        A Little Treat for yourself!

  • Soho Deluxe Mani


        Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Paraffin treatment, Massage, Polish

  • Soho Deluxe Pedi


        Foot Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus removal, Scrub, Paraffin treatment, Massage, Polish

  • Soho Deluxe Combo


        Feeling like a queen today?

  • Remember to bring Open Toe Shoes when you get a Pedi. Don't want to Smudge that Freshly Painted Nail polish on the Toes! Don't worry if you forget, we also provide Complementary disposable flip-flops!

  • Express Manicure


        No Time? Try our express manicure!

         Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Polish

  • Express Pedicure


        Foot Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus Removal and Polish

  • Express Combo


        Relaxing and a quick fix!

  • Polish Change on Hands


        Shape, Colour change

  • Polish Change on Toes


        Shape, Colour change

  • Little Princess Manicure


        Soak, Shape, Princess Massage, Nail polish application

          For 8 years & younger Princesses only

  • Little Princess Pedicure


        Soak, Shape, Princess Massage, Nail polish application

          For 8 years & younger Princesses only

  • Princess combo


        Little Princess Spa Day!

          For 8 years & younger Princesses only


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UV Gel Extension

  • Full Sculptured New Set *Clear

  • Full Sculptured New Set *Polish Colour

  • Full Sculptured New Set *Gel Colour

  • Full Sculptured New Set *French

  • Gel Fill *Clear

  • Gel Fill *Polish Colour

  • Gel Fill *Gel Colour

  • Gel Fill *French

  • UV Gel Removal


        Includes shaping, Buffing and nail envy

  • Perfection takes time. Please allow roughly one and half hours for your gel extension depending on the Design & Add-Ons.

    Akzentz gel extension vancouver
    Young Nails Gel extension vancouver

We use the Nail Form Method to Sculpture gel extensions which requires the Technique & Knowledge of a Trained Nail Technician.

Nail Form molds itself to fit the Natural Nail Shape and results in Safer, more Comfortable & Natural Feeling Enhancements.

Read More About Our Gel Extensions


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Gel Mani & Pedi (Soak Off Gel)

  • Express Gel Manicure


        Cuticle Care, Shape and Gel Colour Application

        *without soaking

  • Express Gel Pedicure


        Foot Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus Removal and Gel Colour Application

  • Express Gel Mani & Pedi Combo


        Full Express Manicure & Pedicure Finished with Gel Colour Application

  • Elegant Gel Manicure


        Cuticle Care, Shape, Gel Colour Application and Hand Massage

        *without soaking

  • Elegant Gel Pedicure


        Full Soho Elegant Pedicure Finished with Gel Colour Application

  • Elegant Gel Mani & Pedi Combo


        Our Most Popular Service!

        Full Elegant Manicure & Pedicure Finished with Gel Colour Application

  • Gelly Toes


        Cuticle Care, Shape and Gel Colour Application

        *Without Pedicure

  • Deluxe Gel Manicure


        Cuticle Care, Shape, Gel Colour Application, Hand Massage and Paraffin Wax

        *without soaking

  • Deluxe Gel Pedicure


        Cuticle Care, Shape, Gel Colour Application, Hand Massage and Paraffin Wax

  • Gel Polish Removal


        Includes appropriate soaking methods, Shape, Buff and Nail Envy


     Need to change your Gel Polish Colour? Come in to get them redone with our Complementary removal when combined with any manicure services if you had them done by us!


     removal charges apply if the previous set was not done by Soho Beauty & Nail Boutique

High Gloss Shine, Zero Dry Time & up to 14 or more Days wear.

We have 500+ premium gel polish colours of OPI GelColor, CND Shellac, LED Gel Presto & Akzentz Luxio to Choose from!

Gelcolor OPI Nail salon Vancouver
CND Shellac Nail Salon Vancouver
Led Gel Presto
Luxio by Akzentz nail salon vancouver


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Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay

  • Bio Gel *Clear Overlay

  • Bio Gel with *Bio Colour Overlay

  • Bio Gel Clear Overlay + Gel Polish Colour

  • Bio Gel Removal


        Professional removal, Shape, Buff and nail envy

  • All Bio Sculpture Gel services are completed by certified Bio GelNail Technicians and use the whole line of Bio Sculpture Gel products including Bio Gel Soaking Off solution

    bio sculpture gel nail salon vancouver
  • All Bio Gel services are only for overlay on natural nails. We do not provide Bio Gel extension at this moment.

Bio Gel, aka the Natural Nail gel, leaves the Nails Healthy & Flexible with a Glossy Shine Finish with Long-Lasting Results.

Bio Gel works Perfectly on Weak or Problem Nails & for our clients to maintain a Healthy Natural Nail while still being able to wear Nail Enhancements.

For more information, please visit

We Carry 100+ Bio Gel nail polish colours for you to choose from!


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  • Inlay Nail Art

  • Special Effect Nail Art


        Chrome, Fairy Dust, Cat Eye, etc.

  • Swarovski Crystal Design

  • French Design

  • Extra Accent Nail Colour

  • Paraffin Treatment

  • Foot Mask

  • Nail Repair


        Varies for different types of nail enhancements

  • Silk Wrap


        Repair split natural nails


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